Tricks for the beginners to crush the enemies in PUBG

PUBG is the well-known game that has been developed by Tencent studios.  The game is released recently for the Android and IOS devices.  It is free to download, but you have to pay some money if you want to play it on the computer.  The game put you in the battle arena with more 100 opponents, and you have to kill the enemies until your death.

You can find yourself without the clothes at the starting point, and you have to search the clothes and more equipment for your player in the buildings. You should use the feature of tutorials to learn the game correctly. It helps you to choose the controls by your choice.

Use autorun

It is essential in the game to move regularly, and you get the option to run fast in it. You can use this feature by swiping the thumb upper side on display. With these, your player starts runs automatically until you want.

 Change the fire mode

In PUBG you will get many types of weapons, and every weapon has their different specifics.  Some guns have multiple modes for the fire; with it, you can change the single fire in multiple fires. You should use the feature in the time to hit the enemies from long distance.  It is the very useful method to kill all the opponents, but you have to spend your all ammo on it by trying PUBG Mobile Hack.


The map is the only thing in the game that helps you until you die. You can easily find the red area by taking help from the movement on the map. You can also pin your destiny to get the guide for your way. You should use the map to check the safe line time by time.