Report: Towards a Sanctuary City

We did an audit!

We audited childcare services, health care clinics, emergency shelters, and food banks. 75% of the 185 services we called agreed to serve undocumented people, 25% refused. Click the image to view the report:

Report CoverOf the 75% of the city services that said they were accessible, the vast majority requested documents that undocumented people are afraid to provide. It is clear that while service providers want to serve undocumented clients, they lack the tools to do so. It is time for Toronto to make implementing Sanctuary City a priority.

We recommend:

1. Establishing department specific policies that prohibit the compilation and  sharing of status, address and other identifying information of undocumented residents,

2.Developing strategies for all city funded or administered agencies even those under provincial or federal jurisdiction (housing, policing, welfare, etc) to serve undocumented residents,

3. Comprehensive and ongoing training of all city staff and volunteers,

4. Implementing a safe municipal ID card program,

5. Updating the Human Rights Office policies to reprimand and re-train service providers denying access,

6. Launching a community directed multi-layered public outreach campaign welcoming undocumented people to Toronto, and

7. Establish safe mechanisms for complaints,  ensure accountability and regular evaluation of programs with the involvement of community stakeholders.

We appreciate any information that can help us better understand who is accessing our resources. Please help us fight for improved access to services alongside undocumented people by providing the following information:

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