Gangstar Vegas- Vera Mission Manual

Gangstar Vegas- Vera Mission Manual

Gangstar Vegas is one of the latest sandbox-style action games, which include a variety of styles such as True crime, Grand Theft Auto, as well as Saints Row. It also offers hand-to-hand battle, shooting, driving, flying, and pretty miscellaneous gameplay. Through this, you attain all the relevant information about the campaign mission and also some helpful tricks and hinds to support you along your virtual mafia journey.

In addition, if you have never played any sorts of a mafia game, the first thing you need in the game is to get used to with controls. It will consume some amount of time, but don’t worry Gameloft added a unique feature for the users to conveniently memorize the control options. Some of the controls descriptions are given below, so read it in order to enhance the gameplay.

Foot Controls: The default controls of the foot are very simple and convenient. In order to control the character, Gangsta Vegas has a virtual analog stick, which you have to utilize by holding with your fingers and move it accordingly. However, if you want the character to sprint, then hold the right side icon of the screen i.e. icon of running man.

Vera Mission Instructions

To commence with, Jason will obtain some calls through Vera in order to provide information about a place character can stay somewhere safe from the Frank. This mission is more likely about the property. However, in this mission, the user need to follow the instructions of Vera to reach the destiny. As mentioned earlier, it’s a tutorial sort of mission, so once you start; map screen will open in order to purchase your first Gangsta Vegas property in Old Town “The Lemon Luncheon”.

Property feature is added to the game recently and it supports the game to earn some amount of in-game resources from your own. By earning property will support the user to travel conveniently as well as faster between them. So purchase The Lemon Luncheon as directed by Vera and reach there to accomplish the property tutorial task.

Destroying The Polls: Vera Mission Brief

In this mission, users need to deliver a message to Winston Goodman, one of Frank’s friend. Vera thinks that it is a good way to vulnerably damage the Frank by killing his friend. Follow the instruction of the Vera and reach the points as described on the call. Afterwards, utilize the grenades to blast Winston’s properties. There is a total of four polls, which you have to blow without getting busted by the police. Once to destroy all of the adverts, head back to pavilion i.e. strip club to accomplish this mission. In the end, you will obtain the reward of, 40,000 as well as the respect of 195,000. Most importantly, after completing this mission, you have unlocked a variety of survival and submission to enjoy in the spare time. In order to access them, open map screen or menu to commence them.

How To Attain In-game Cash?

As we know, cash is the primary resource for the Gangstar Vegas game. With the support of cash, you can purchase most of the items such as arms, vehicles, weapons, ammunition and many more stuff to survive in the game. However, in order to gain the cash, you need to complete the missions and offered by the Gangstar Vegas. Once you accomplish the mission, you will be rewarded in the form of cash and other in-game resources. Grab the opportunity and participate in the various missions to dominate the game with the support of cash.

Premium Currency Guide

In Gangstar Vegas, diamond is the premium resource of the game. This premium currency will support the users to purchase premium vehicles as well as weapons. Most importantly, it will also help you to enhance the amount of cash. However, gamers cannot obtain the diamonds conveniently, so gamers can also gain these diamonds by spending real money in the game. But some players can’t afford to hurt their pocket, that’s why with the support of the various tools you can generate an enormous amount of in-game resources by using Gangstar Vegas Hack. These alternative methods are very convenient to operate, virus free, and more benefit that will help the user to dominate the Gangstar Vegas.