Different Elements Of Coin Master

Coin Master Hack is completely unpredictable game. No one can predict that what becomes their next step is. The reason behind this particular fact is the availability of a slot machine. The slot machine is including different types of elements, and no one knows what they get next. Following are some basic and most essential elements.


All the players are trying to attack others village more for currency collection. Similarly, they are thinking for the more protection. In this way, they are trying to protect the coins those are available in their game account and save buildings from destructions. These things are possible only with the help of an active shield.

The shield is activated on the players’ village when they get shield icon in all three slots of the machine. The players can keep maximum three active shields at a time. It means the village receives protection from three attacks. At once the shield is broken by an attack then the players need to get it again from the slot machine.


It is a specific item which the players can get from the slot machine. When the players get it in all slots, then the players get permission for a specific turn. It allows the players to attack the villages. While you are spinning the machine, then you will get the key to access attack mode with ease. In the attack mode, the players have five options in a village for doing an attack.

Mainly these options are related to the building available on the defender’s village. You need to pick one building for causing maximum damage and collecting the reward. The villages those are protected by a shield they cannot get the damage. These types of villages lose their shield only in the attack. The attacker receives a small amount of coins as a reward.