Best Baby Bottles for Gas – Solution of Gas and Colic

As we all know the main reason of baby crying, babies cry when he/she feels uncomfortable or something hurting to them. Mostly the reason of uncomforted in babies is gas and colic. And the simple solution for that problem is best baby bottles for gas. And it’s available at any place of market at any baby stores or supermarkets.

What we want to look in a baby bottle to reduce gas and colic?

Nowadays, different types and designs of many gas bottles are available in the market. Which are designed to remove gas and colic and help to reduce air intake- and it’s better to have better options because every baby is different.

Some key features

Some key features when manufactures try to reduce when designing a best baby bottle for gas or to eliminate the air entering your baby’s digestive system:-

  • The Nipple Shape

So many companies advertise their brands bottle that their bottles is best, they show that their bottle nipples are as close to breastfeeding as humanly possible. But all bottle nipples are designed according to babies comfort ability. Some babies are comfort with wide nipple; some prefer narrow.

  • The Nipple Valve

A vacuum creates and pressure builds when a baby sucks on a bottle for liquid. That pressure needs to be released for continue the flow of milk as baby sucks.

  • The Nipple Flow

 Those babies who are gassy and colicky, slow flow is best. Just like when you eat quickly and your baby cannot digest quickly the result is gas and colic. Before purchasing make sure that the bottle you are choosing has plenty of nipple flow options, include slow flow nipple.

  • The Bottle Shape

There are many different shapes and sizes are designed and available in the market. Some are in shape of straight, some are curved, and some are angled. When we choose the best baby bottle for gas shape we will need to consider babies preferred feeding position.

Some most popular bottles for breastfed babies

  • Comotomo- All Silicon Baby Bottle
  • Lansinoh Momma- Baby Bottle Set
  • Medela- Breast Milk Baby Bottle Set
  • Tommee Tippee- Easi-Vent Baby Bottle

Most of the baby bottle are not expensive and won’t break the bank. There is nothing to be gained from buying a used baby bottle. A best baby bottle for gas is as close to the breastfeeding which remove the problem of gas and colic.